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About BestFit 

BestFit Educational Consultants was established in 2013 to help students seeking to study in well regarded undergraduate colleges and universities in the United States to get admitted into the colleges that best fit their abilities, interests, and aspirations.  


Students may choose to start with work with us in their 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th class or in a gap year following the completion of their 12th class.  The longer we have an opportunity to work with a student, the more impact we can have on their college admissions.

Consulting Services for U.S College Admissions include:

  • In-depth discussion with parents about the student (personality, strengths / weaknesses) and his or her college objectives - including choice of major / fields of study.​
  • A one on one interview with the student, as well as administration of multiple surveys to better understand the student’s preferences for college subjects and overall college environment.​
  • Formulation of a detailed plan of action and timeline for the student to follow during the entire college application process.
  • Summer activity guidance (internships, classes, etc.) based on overall extracurricular & academic profile of the student and target colleges / fields of study.
  • Test preparation guidance for SAT, ACT,  Subject Tests, TOEFL etc. and recommending test-prep services for one to one tutoring, group tutoring or excellent resources for self-study.
  • Development of a well-balanced list of targeted colleges for each and every student based on each their unique profile, financial situation and overall objectives.
  • Coaching and feedback for multiple essays - including the Common Application main essay and various college-specific essays.
  • Guidance on letters of recommendation and preparation for admission interviews.
  • Guidance on applying for financial aid and the impact on admissions.
  • Consultation on final decision of college and on visa / interview.